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by Kathi Kennedy Smith from USA (
Are their different religions in  Antarctica? All of the churches from your site appear to be Catholic. Are there conflicts or cults of any kind established in Antarctica?
Here is the answer from WAP:
Hello Kathi,
some Church is multi-confessional, so that is the case of the Chapel of the snow at US McMurdo Base, other are Ortodox as the St. Kliment at the Bulgarian Base or the Russian Ortodox Trinity Church at Bellinghausen Base.
Antarctica is a peaceful place and for sure there are no conflicts of any kind also because it seems ridiculous to  fight  because of the religion … if I am not wrong,  all religions are preacing peace and reciprocal respect!
Regards Gianni I1HYW
..the reply from Mrs.Kathi Kennedy Smith was:
Dear Gianni,
That is so wonderful to hear! I hope to visit some of those beautiful churches one day. Thank you for responding so quickly and for working to keep the peace and the beauty of Antarctica intact. Sincerely, Kathi
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