1980-81 Argentina’s Summer Campaign- Our Lady of  Lujan enthroned in the Antarctic Base of Corbeta Uruguay. 

Recently, WAP  got a mail from one of our readers: Dr. Carlos Court Lucero Retired Radiologist, Medical Lieutenant of the Argentine Navy Reserve, Member of the 4th crew at the Corbeta Uruguay Scientific Station on Thule Island,  South Sandwich Islands

Carlos,  reports  to  have been to the Scientific Station of Corbeta Uruguay (Estación Científica Corbeta Uruguay), among the  IV Dotation Winter 1981.
The Association Amigos de Villa del Parque (Buenos Aires-Argentina) made a donation of a replica of the Virgin of Lujan “with gaucha figure”, work of the sculptor Dra. Mary Luz Luna, to be enthroned in the Antarctic Base of Corbeta Uruguay

This happened in the southern summer 1980/1981. Our Lady of Lujan,  was located in the Principal House so that  she could have been seen daily by the believing staff.

While thanking Dr. Carlos for his kindmess, we are happy to put another interesting piece of information on the pages of the history of worship and spirituality in Antarctica.
TNX Dr. Carlos Court Lucero

Just briefly about  Corbeta Uruguay Station (WAP ARG-22) on the South Sandwich Islands
in January 1955 the icebreaker ARA ‘General San Martín’ built the Esquivel Refuge (WAP ARG-26) on Morrel Island, which was the first housing facility in the entire archipelago and at that time,  the plan to install a Base nearby did arise. Infact, In the summer of 1976/77 the “Corbeta Uruguay Research Station” was installed 350 meters east of the Esquivel Refuge, and the following summer it was transformed into a permanent base with a crew of ten people, being the first and only presence of this type in that archipelago. We must also recall that, as reported in several documents,  in the summer of 1982/83 the Base Corbeta Uruguay  was dynamited by the British.