Base Robert Guillard-Cap Prud’homme  WAP MNB-18 (new one)

Robert Guillard Base is a French-Italian station managed by the French Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV) and the Programma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide (PNRA)

The station located at 66°41’31″South,  139°53’46″East was established in the early 1990’s on the Antarctic continent, close to the sea and at about 5 km far from Dumont d’Urville Station (WAP FRA-Ø1).


Robert Guillard Station is the point of departure of the traverses to Concordia Station (WAP MNB-Ø3) which is equidistant (about 1200 km) from the Italian coastal stations Mario Zucchelli (WAP ITA-Ø1) and the French Dumont D’Urville (DDU). The transfer of personnel, material and scientific equipment from the coastal bases takes place both by air, using two twin-engine aircraft, and by land through convoys of tracked vehicles, called sleepers, departing from Robert Guillard  Station at Cap Prud’Homme, a small jointly (FRA & ITA) managed Base, located near DDU.


The PNRA ensures the air transport of personnel and light loads, while the organization of sleepers is entrusted to the IPEV. The Robert Guillard Station can accommodate 20 people and is managed within the agreement for Concordia.


FT4YM David Brunet (F4FKT) pic aside  did operate from  Robert Guillard Base on last 11 & 12 febr. 2023 on 20 mts band.

A new WAP Reference  MNB-18 has been issued following the very first activity from this site.