S/Y Marama enter in WAP-WACA Directory

S/Y Marama is a custom sailing yacht launched in 2009 by N2A, in France. Designed to give its crew maximum safety regardless of sea and wind conditions,  this extraordinary Yacht seems to be the best choice to sail the Antarctic waters. Everything is oversized on board, from hull sampling to mast and rigging sections, an extremely robust expedition sailboat capable of any type of navigation.

Marama measures 31.00 m in length, with a max draft of 3.50 m and a beam of 6.70 m, with a top speed of 12.00 knots and a cruising speed of 10.00 knots. She is powered by a single screw propulsion system.

Marama accommodates up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. She also houses room for up to 6 crew members. With its multiple voyages to Antarctica, this stupendous sailing ship was chosen by the 3Y0J Team for the 2023 expedition to Bouvet Island.

On the way to the island, operators (*) on board,  did show up /MM and now that the DX expedition has reached the destination and preparing to set up the operational Base camp,  we are pleased to announce that S/Y Manama will be included in the list of Polar ship of the WAP-WACA Directory