February 22, Dia de la Antartida Argentina

On February 22, 1904, the Meteorological Observatory on Laurie Island, South Orkneys which would later become the Orcadas Base  (WAP ARG-15), did start its historic milestone that marked the beginning of Argentina’s uninterrupted stay in Antarctica, which has already been more than 116 years.


Thus, Argentina became the Country with the longest stay in Antarctica, and today it is also the Country with the most bases on the Continent: six permanent stations and seven temporary ones that only open in summer. The establishment of Argentina’s Antarctic Bases, during the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, allowed Argentina to settle in different areas of the so-called Argentine Antarctic Sector

To commemorate the date of that  inauguration, the 22nd February of  each year Argentina celebrates its Antarctica Day, which falls exactly onto the WAP Antarctic Activity Week (AAW), of which, by the way,  this year is the twentieth edition-  The AAW 2023 is  “on air”  till the 26th of February. Check the bands there are several SES active, make contacts and apply for the Special free Award.


Check also AAW 2023 at: http://www.waponline.it/antarctic-activity-week/aaw-2023/