8 people of  Czech Antarctic Foundation on the way to Antarctica

Few days ago, the Czech members of the Antarctic Expedition to Nelson Island were in Punta Arenas, Chile, waiting for a Brazilian ship to take them to their destination. That  morning the host of Studio 6, expedition leader Václav Pavel, described in a live broadcast,  what awaits them on Nelson Island.

Dr. Vaška Pavel from the Czech Antarctic Foundation, remind the followers  that yesterday,  the  Team: 8 members (1 woman and 7 men, including 3 scientists from the Faculty of Science of Masaryk University and 2 from the Ukrainian National Program) boarded the Polar Ship Ary Rongel of the Brazilian Antarctic Program, which will set sail this afternoon Jan 2nd 2024, heading Antarctica.

If you missed the report,  from expedition leader Václav Pavel , you can watch it by clicking on the link, here below:

Expedice na antarktickou stanici Eco-Nelson – 29. prosinec 2023 – Studio 6 | Česká televize (ceskatelevize.cz)

While wishing them the best numbers for the new year, WAP wish the Team a good trip and a good stay down there… Weare radioamateurs and our real wish is that … some days, berore too long   Echo Nelson Base WAP CZE-Ø1 and Johan Gregor Mendel Station (WAP CZE-NEW) could be heard  on air!


A video from Mendel Station  (WAP CZE-NEW) show  how is the Base … perhaps the only thing missed is a radio operator to put on Ham bands, this rare and never worked  Czech Antarctic Base!