New WAP-WACA & WAP WADA Directories just released

The twenty third edition (release 1.43) of WAP WACA & WADA Directories are available to download.  From the main page of WAP website,  just go to the “Download Section” and select WAP-WACA & WAP-WADA Directories  and feel free to save them both on your PC.

WACA Directory contains a list of more than 4362 callsigns used in Antarctica & Sub Antarctic territories since 1945.

WADA Directory lists 1005 Bases, Camps, Huts, Refuges and  Stations in Antarctica since 1945.

Also a new release of the Antarctic & Peri Antarctic Lighthouses has been issued on January 1st 2024 and it’s available to download as well; just go to the Lighthouse page.

Enjoy Antarctica!

73 from WAP Staff