Antarctic Activity Week: TM1ANT WAP-Ø37 by F5SIH & F4HWS

Eric F5SIH is re-joining the Antarctic Activity Week after years of non-presence. Eric will operate as TM1ANT, WAP-Ø37,  in tandem with Tom F4HWS
Eric wrote: «I’ will be active again with TM1ANT during the next 21st AAW. Just got the license. Two operators, Eric F5SIH ans Tom F4HWS» .
73, TM1ANT, F5SIH Eric.

Eric sent  us a preview of the new QSL  of TM1ANT expressly designed for the 2024’s AAW .

The image on the QSL,  comes  from a photograph taken by David Brunet F4FKT/FT4YM when he was in Antarctica. It’s a tribute and at the same time, a recognition of the emotions that David FT4YM was able to give us during his missions (2021-2023) from some rare Bases and remote sites  following the scientific French-Italian expeditions on the Antarctic plateau.
TNX Eric F5SIH & Tom F4HWS, welcome on board!

We just remind the Worldwide Ham radio operators  the date of the 21st AAW which will be held from 18th through the 25th of February 2024 (Check: ) . Don’t forget to join the event,  it will be our small contribution to the conservation of Antarctica as a land of study and peace.