Capitán Cobbett Naval Refuge (WAP ARG-NEW)

On 23 January 1954, Argentine Navy personnel did inaugurate the Cabo Primavera Refuge (now Capitán Cobbett Naval Refuge) on a rocky promontory on Cape Primavera. Over many years this building was used by Argentine exploration expeditions to the area  to collect Meteorology  and Biology  data.

On March 3, 1977, the Antarctic Command of the Argentine Army did inaugurate Base Primavera  (see picture below)   following the works to the Refuge and the construction of new buildings.
The Summer Capitán Cobbett Naval Refuge that serves Base Primavera, (WAP ARG-Ø9),    is a small building that currently has the function of a laboratory; it has two rooms and a bathroom, and has supplies for three men for three months. The refuge was renovated, in March 2017, by a task force of the transport ship ARA Bahia San Blas

A bit of history
The Naval Refuge  “Cabo Primavera” has been established 70 years ago, (January 23, 1954), within the Argentine Antarctic sector, Costa Danco, Tierra de San Martín.
Located in Cierva Cove, in the Antarctic Peninsula at 64°9’17” South, 60°54’21” West, the  Navy Refuge currently called “Capitán Cobbett”, in memory of the Navy Captain Enrique Cobbett, who lost his life in the shipwreck of the frigate Buenos Aires off Cape Horn, in August 1826. It happened when he was preparing to reinforce Admiral Brown’s squadron in combat with the imperial forces of Brazil.

At the light of the last information collected,  Capitan Cobbett Refuge (aka Cabo Primavera Refuge) will be add to the WAP-WADA Directory as , in the waiting of a possible activation!