Cape Fie Camp “NEW ENTRY” in WAP-WADA Directory as “WAP NOR-14”

Located at 54°27’South, 03° 28’ East, Cape Fie (or Kapp Fie) is a cape marking the Sutheast extremity of Bouvetøya Island, Peri Antarctic   It was first roughly charted in 1898 by a German expedition under Carl Chun, and was re-charted and named by the Norwegian expedition under Captain Haral Horntvedt  who explored the area from the Norvegia in December 1927

Other Ham radio activites did show up from Bouvet Island in the past, but they were located at Nyrosa  (WAP NOR-Ø2) on the Northwestern side of the Island.

On 6 febr.2023, 3YØJ began his Ham radio activity from there. It has not been an easy task but the Team was finally able to set the Camp on a top flat area at Cape Fie.

Being this one a new Camp site, Cape Fie is entering on WAP-WADA Directory as WAP NOR-14, and at the same time 3YØJ is entering on WAP-WACA Directory as well,  as a new callsign on the list.

While keeping our finger scrossed,  we hope all the best for the continuation of this hard DX-pedition.

WAP, the antarctic hunters, and the entire world of radio amateurs are following the progress of the expedition with great interest.


Thanks guys, you are just amazing