New Light Houses added to the “WAP Antarctic Light House Directory”

Esperanza Base (WAP ARG-Ø4) is located in the extreme northeast of the Antarctic Peninsula in an area free of ice during the summer season that forms a land extension on the southern coast of Esperanza Bay, surrounded by imposing glaciers. It is the northernmost of the facilities that Argentina maintains in the Argentine Antarctic Territory.

On February 17, 18 and 19, 2023, within the framework of the XV edition of the “South American Lighthouses Weekend”,  a “Light Houses”  which were never activated before, very close to the Esperanza Base, will be on  air : the Baliza Rocas denticuladas Posterior Esperanza (aka  Baliza Enfilación Posterior Esperanza)  ANC-007,  at 63°23′54″ South  – 56°59′46″ West, will be activated for the first time.  It’s a round cylindrical fiberglass tower three meters high supported on a cement and stone base, the lower half painted green and the upper half yellow (see pic aside). The light that is projected towards Esperanza Bay,  is white.

Alejandro Álvarez LU8YD, Electronic Engineer and Juan Carlos Benavente LU8DBS, graduate in Social Communication, will be responsible of  the operation, using the LU1ZV base license. The main modes will be SSB and Digital FT8 and FT4, in as many bands as possible, according to the availability of working hours and propagation. The station is already assembled at the headquarters of the LRA36 station, which is in a modernization stage, with the equipment that Alejandro brought to Antarctica, an Icom 7000 with an Expert 1300w Linear Amplifier and a notebook, using the rhombic antenna from the Radio Nacional and it is probable that he will also assemble a G5RV. 
By exception, the operation of LU1ZV on February 17, 18 and 19 only, will be confirmed by the event organizer R.C. GDXBB. digitally by sending the contacts made  to , eQSL, LOTW and postal via LW6EGE.
Esperanza Base has two Light houses recognized by the ARLHS that were never activated. These are the Anterior Denticulated Rocks, 63°24’ South,  56°59′ West (ARLHS ANC-006) picture to the right  and the Posterior Denticulated Rocks (ARLHS ANC-007) 63°23′54″ South,  056°59′46″ West picture to the left
TNX Carlos Almirón (LU7DSY)