China resumes construction of its fifth Antarctic Base

China has resumed construction of its fifth research facility in Antarctica after a years-long lull.

The report said the new station, on Inexpressible Island at  74° 54′ South, 163° 39′ East, at Terra Nova Bay in the Ross Sea, is expected to include an observatory with a satellite ground station, and should help China “fill in a major gap” in its ability to access the continent, said the report. The fifth Chinese station is located about  26 km from the italian Mario Zucchelli Station (WAP ITA-Ø1),  and Jang Bogo Station (WAP KOR-Ø2), then at  390 km Northwest of McMurdo  (WAP USA-22) and Scott Base (WAP NZL-Ø1)

Construction is estimated to be finished by 2024.


“The 1959 Antarctic Treaty restricts activities on the continent to “peaceful purposes” and allows military personnel to conduct scientific research, but bans the setting up of bases or carrying out maneuvers or testing weapons”.

Inexpressible Island, located in the Terra Nova Bay of Antarctica’s Victoria Land, is a rocky island where the Northern Party of Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition of 1910 – 1913 was forced to overwinter in 1912. 


Thanks and credit to: China resumes construction on fifth Antarctica base, shows new satellite imagery | The Independent