Echo Base Camp, Antarctica WAP MNB-NEW

White Desert Company has recently opened a brand New Echo Camp in Antarctica  at 71°32’47” South, 08°50’11” East, approximately 100 km (62 miles)  from the coast at 1130 mts (3700 fts) above the sea

Inspired by the seminal age of Space exploration, Echo Camp sits in quiet solitude encircled by pitted rock formations. Echo is as close as one can get to feeling like you’re off the planet without leaving Earth.

After three years of planning, 80 tonnes of air cargo and over 1,000 square meters of moulded composite fiberglass, Echo Base opened on 8th December 2022, is a reality. So much effort, so much investment, so many norm-breaking ideas were wrapped up in this new camp. It represented a totally new forward-looking vision of tourism in Antarctica – it was a lot to live up to.

The  “Cosmos”, the central hub, is formed of four separate rooms all connected by tunnels that look like the docking station to a spaceship. Inside, the ‘sky pods’ are no less futuristic, with vast floor-to-ceiling windows that bring the ageless landscape of Antarctica inside each lounge, bar or dining space. Even in the comfort and warmth of these living areas, I was connected to the environment. Padded walls encircle a delicate Art Deco bar, while an Anthony James art sculpture glows like a giant power source at one end. Walking through the tunnel I discover a library and daybed with someone napping under a cashmere blanket. The sign on the door read “Decompression Chamber”

WAP has added  Echo Base Camp, on WAP WADA Directory as WAP MNB-NEW.
said: Echo Camp is about 4 km away from Wolf’s Fang Runway WAP MNB-12. There is electricity there. As usual it is necessary a tent and an antenna. Well, the most scarce is time. I can’t promise, but I will keep in mind!

TNX Oleg Latyshev UA6GG
and Oleg Sakharov ZS1ANF/ZS7ANF