Edgeworth David Field Camp (WAP AUS-1Ø)

Edgeworth David  Fied Camp (aka Edgeworth David Base) was established as a summer camp in 1986. Located at  66°14’59” South, 100°36’12” East , in the Northen Bunger Hills, Edgeworth David summer Base lies about 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) from WNW of  Polish Antoni Dobrowolski Station (WAP POL-NEW),  approximately 440 km west of Casey Research Station (WAP AUS-Ø2)and 85 km inland from the Shackleton Ice Shelf in the Bunger Hills region, Wilkes Land.

Edgeworth David is a summer-only Station, a research outpost named after Sir Edgeworth David, opened in 1986 by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), it is temporary visited during the summer season and used for Geological, Geophysical, Geomorphological and Biological research.


Edgeworth David Field Camp has been “On Air” on last dec. 25 & 26 2023 signing VKØAI, operated by  N E “Norbert” Trupp (VK5MQ).
Norbert was deployed to Edgeworth David;  weather delayed the return flight to Casey Station, allowing Norbert a brief period of operating on the 25th and 26th December 2023. Daytime propogation was poor and bands only opened in the evening, with all contacts FT8. Camp power is supplied by generator while operating times and satellite comminications are limited.

At the light of this evidence and a copy of QSL provided by Olivier F6EPN (Spratley Woody), we have given Edgeworth David Field Camp a reference as WAP AUS-1Ø.

The “New Refrence” will appear on next WAP-WADA and WAP-WADA  Directories (Release of June 2024).
TNX Olivier F6EPN