II6OANT (WAP-323) QSLs arrived from the printer

Brand new QSL for the italian special event station joining the anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty Signature’s celebration

QSLs arrived and now we’re going ahead to confirm the II6OANT (WAP-323) to the Hams who are aready requested direct cards.

The anniversary’s event will last till december 31st 2021,  so 10 more days  to work the several ones on air  and achieve the beautiful 6ØATS Diplomas or Plaques available WW.
In addition, WAP-323 is a new reference released to II6OANT and it’s valid for WAP-WACA Award as well.

QSL for II6OANT can be requested direct or via Bureau to I1HYW.


Enjoy Antarctica as much as we do