Philatourism; Arctic, Antarctica, Space … and more

Radio amateur’s passion is often linked to “Philately”, especially that which recalls the Arctic and Antarctica but also,  always in terms of radio contacts, also to the Space as in the case of the International Space Station RSØISS.
The soul and creator of this particular passion is Valery Ivanovich Sushkov RMØL who has been pursuing for years this important initiative with determination.
A hobby or a passion?
One thing is certain: collectors from all over the world are attracted by this trend, which contains cultural and scientific implications  .

On April 18, 2024 at the Ryazan Museum of Travelers  in Ryazan city,  a special cancellation solemn ceremony of postal issues in the “Great Russian Travelers” line took place. Under the press of philaturism was attended by signatories: outstanding Russian traveler, Honorary polar explorer, Mikhail Georgievich Malakhov Hero of Russia, Alexander Nikolaevich Kapitanov Director of the Ryazan Travelers Museum, author and director of the project “Great Russian Travelers”,  travel researcher, postal historian, winner of the “Geographical Oscar”, author of the term “philaturism” presented by “Bottle Mail”, “Traveller’s Mail” and “Polar Mail“, which include postcards, vignette stamps and a special postmark,  Valery Ivanovich Sushkov RMØL and students at one of the secondary schools in Ryazan.

Also, Valery Sushkov, in that ceremony, awarded Mikhail Georgievich Malakhov with a table medal named after Admiral Peter Ricord, associate and friend of Ryazan Vasily Golovnin, for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Far East in the field of studying and developing the recreational potential, historical, geographical, natural and cultural heritage of the Far East and the Arctic Russian Federation, as well as a certificate of honor from the project “Great Russian Travelers.

The purpose of the historical-geographical, scientific-educational, film-publishing, tourism-local history and memorial Project “Great Russian Travelers” is the revival of the traditions of Russian travelers in research and discovery, the popularization and promotion of tourism and postal business, highlighting their contribution to the economy of Russian society and the development of ties between the peoples of different countries.

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