Whaling stations of Stromness Bay (WAP GBR-NEW) and Husvik (WAP GBR-27)

Three, are the  abandoned whaling stations in Stromness Bay, South Georgia. The stations are closed to visitors because of their dangerous state, including contamination by asbestos. The sub-Antarctic Island of South Georgia had five main shore stations at the height of whaling in the early 1900s. The last of them closed in the mid 1960s. This clip is attached to the monthly website newsletter on www.sgisland.gs

Stromness Station (WAP GBR-NEW). No one has been active “On the air” so far, from there

Husvik Station (WAP GBR-27) 54°15′ South, 36° 45’West;  as far as we know, Hams been active from this site are:

VP8MS in the year  1976

VP8GEO in the year 2002

VP8DIF in the year 2008-2009



There was a recent operation VP8SGI in the year 2016 that sets tents a little away the formal Husvik Station; we called it Husvik Base Camp (57° 10′ South, 36°40′ West); to this site, a new WAP reference GBR-39 has been given