K4MZU Bob Hines a DXer  and Antarctic chaser over the top

For an Hamradio operator, working someone from Antarctica, have always been a goal, a great goal!

Logging a station operating from/in Antarctica has always been one of the best DX even wished.  Several  Hams, particularly the Old Timers are far above  but just few of them can have over 200 Antarctic Bases on their logs!  Years of years of continuous  monitoring, setting skeds, follow Antarctic expeditions and scientific seasons, with the only goal to work a new one.

Bases, Camps, Huts, Refuges and rare scientific sites are the loots of the painstaking research of these DX hounds.

Well, among those incredible Antarctic Hunters, Bob K4MZU from MC Donough, Georgia, USA is certainly the best. Bob, who have the best WAP Top Honor Rolls, has recently update his WAP-WACA & WAP-WADA score: TOP of W.A.P. Worldwide Antarctic Program:  WAP WADA Award, 202 Antarctic Bases. WAP-WACA Award,513 Antarctic Stations

Bob has also achieved the TOP of the Antarctic Challenge 2020 Award with 203 Antarctic/Sub Antarctic Bases and Refuges.

Visit Bob’s Antarctic Web Site at: www.k4mzu.net (Antarctic QSL collection) and his  Antennas & Ham Shack Pics Web Page: http://www.k4mzu.net/hamshack.htm

Last but not least,  the other Bob’s hobbies: Author, Antique Bookbinding: www.oldbibles.net and Firearms.

Bob Hines, K4MZU did retire in 2001: 1981-1985 Field Engineer Metro Mobile Cellular, Inc. Greenville, S.C. 1985-1987 Operations Manager Cellular One Chattanooga. 1987-1991 East Tenn Division Operations Manager Cellular One Corporation.1991-2001 RF Engineer BellSouth Cellular Corporation Atlanta.

Congrats Bob, Super Antarctic Score!