21st AAW Certificate

As widely announced, last month of  February,  the 21st edition of the Antarctic Activity Week took place. (see: http://www.waponline.it/antarctic-activity-week/aaw-2024/)

All the participating stations with their own “Special Call” and the related WAP reference did report the large participation of radioamateurs and in many cases,  they experienced a significant pile-up!

Many Hunters have already requested the certificate which, like every year, is offered free of charge to the participants, by our dear friend IK3GER Paolo Corsetti, whom we will never stop thanking.

An Antarctic diploma displayed in the shack of any DXer, makes a nice show and looks like a certification of a particular interest and, in the spirit of  WAP, it demonstrates the sensitivity of radio amateurs towards scientific research and the love for a Continent like Antarctica, a land of study and PEACE.

The picture above,  shows the diploma got by our friends Volker Strecke DL8JDX who did participate as Hunter in the 21st edition of the AAW 2023 which has just ended.