Argentina “120th Anniversary” Antarctic  Marathon

Last march 10th 2024, the marathon  for the “120th Anniversary”  of Argentina’s presence in Antarctica has ended.

It was not easy for EU to work the station active from the several LU Bases in Antarctica, as well as other callsign and Polar Ship involved, due to the operating GMT time non favorable for EU,  but in spite of that, quite a few Hams did manage to work some!

Congrats to Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armada,  Comando Conjunto Antártico for the wonderful initiative. The marathon continue until the Antarctic campaign 2023-2024 will end; certificates are still available.

Not everybody has worked Icebreaker ARA Almirante Irízar yet, so our attention will now pointed on LU2AIB/MM, hoping to have this “new one” on the log as well, other than the pleasure to discharge the related certificate.
Look also for LU2ARM operating time to time, from the Joint Antarctic Command (EJERCITO ARGENTINO, DIRECCION ANTARTICA, in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal)

All Digital Certificates, available to those who did work the Argentina’s Bases in Antartica and other official LU station which work  within the event, could download their own confirmation by entering the QSLOG.AR website at:

QSLOG.AR – Bienvenidos!!! al Sitio Integrado de QSLOG.AR

TNX : Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armada,  Comando Conjunto Antártico
LU3IA Alfredo Arcangel Amaro  (pic on the right) for his envaluable help and timely information on the activities of the various LU’s  Antarctic stations.