US  Palmer Station (WAP USA-23) back on the air

After many years, KC4AAC from Palmer Station (WAP USA-23) is back on the air.

Voker DL8JDX reports:Last night I saw on  that KC4AAC was active in JS8 and WSPR.

The new operator for the season 2022-2023 is Cody Lewis,  see

According to an info from his QSL Manager K7MT, Cody operates also in FT8. Because there is a Morse Key on the picture shown on he might be operating in CW as well.

It will be fine if some Hams in the US can set skeds with Cody.  For EU, windows on 20 mts opens from 17,00 through 21,00 UTC.
More info about Palmer Station (WAP USA-23):

TNX Volker, DL8JDX