VU2CUW on his way to Antarctica

27 years old  Eng. Sarabjeet Singh Chhabra (Sunny), is actually at Cape Town waiting the flight to Novo Runway (WAP MNB-Ø6) and from there, to Maitri Base (WAP IND-Ø3). Sunny will be down South for about a year as part of the 42nd Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica.

VU2CUW has been assigned to Maitri Station,  (pic below) . When there, he is going to use a just issued special callsign AT42I ( Alpha Tango 42 India) in  his spare time,  when he’s free from his normaly duty at the Base.

Sunny thanks VU2MUE Sandeep Baruah from Vigyan Prasar  for the 2 rigs to be used in Antarctica  and VU3BPZ, Antarctic veteran and good friend  that has always been a guidance for his  Antarctica journey

QSL manager for AT42I will be VU2CRS:
Ranjit Singh Chhabra,  110/8 Saraswati Sugarmill Colony,
Yamunanagar, Haryana  135001, India