Vassdalsbua  Field Hut, Antarctica WAP NOR-NEW

Vassdalsbua Hut (or Vassdalen  Hut)  is located at 72° 01’ 33” South2° 37’ 38” East in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica about 40 min from Troll Base (WAP NOR-11).

The Hut is around 25 square meters and is located  about  3,2 kilometers from Troll Station (72°00’S, 2°32’E).  The use of this  small recreational  Hut at Vassdalen about 40 min from Troll,  was approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. It is heated by a kerosene (Jet A-1) stove. The transport is mainly carried out with snow mobiles on a well-known route for the visitors and calculated to 50 days a year with 2 guests on each visit.

Skiing, hiking in the mountains, running and shorter trips with snowmobiles and Band wagons are typical activities for the personnel at Troll Station. According to the information, Vassdalsbua Hut is in use since  2018. After a visit the garbage is transported back to environmental station at Troll. Sometimes,  researchers spend severl days at Vassdalsbua field Hut, collecting variety of soil and water samples for study


The attached map shows the location of both Troll Station and Vassdalshytta (Vassdals Cabine).

At the light of the above evidences and pictures, Vassdalsbua  Field Hut 72° 01’ 33” South, 2° 37’ 38” East will enter on the  WAP-WADA Directory as WAP NOR-NEW. A reference number will be given as soon as Hamradio operation will be performed down there.


TNX IK1NEG & F6EPN (aka Spratley Woody) for their great help