VP8/SQ1SGB will be soon at Halley VI(a) Base

WAP has just received a message from Sebastian Gleich SQ1SGB about his next involvment in Antarctica.

Seba wrote: «Like in the last two years I will be once again active from Halley VI(a) Base, WAP GBR-4Ø.

I should start around the end of November 2021 and be active untill the end of January 2022.

During this season, we should build a rombic antenna for aircraft communication (40mts) so I will use that antenna also for my radio activity as well, but before of that, I willuse my standard “Inverted Vee”. I don’t know when the rombic antenna will be set exactly»

VP8/SQ1SGB possible QRG: about 18 nov. 2021 to 31 jan. 2022 on SSB 7190 MHz.