Research vessel SEVERNIY POLUS  RI41POL

Arctic and Antarctica are brother Poles , and its a great pleasure for WAP to guest some particolar info from rare spots and activity, in particular when they running under the frienship flag of AmateurRadio!

Info from 6 oct 2021 received from Oleg Yu. Stribny RD1A/RI41POL RRC#043

RI41POL will appear on the air as within a week.

Not everything is so fast. Only on October 2, a suitable ice floe was found with the help of a helicopter and an escort vessel. On October 3, they began to deploy an ice camp. Now we are collecting MPKO houses. At the same time, the wiring of electricity is being done.

Yesterday, a mast and antenna were installed for a three-component UHF/UHF receiver to study the spatial structure of UHF/UHF radiation in the polar region of the Arctic.

Today, the foundations for two more masts were frozen in ice. Tomorrow we will raise the main mast for KV – 15 meters, after that the laying of cable routes and the installation of antennas.

As soon as all the science equipment starts working, I will do amateur things. Because besides antenna cases, there are still a lot of things to do to set up equipment that is performed at night.

The Internet is very slow here. Now it works through Iridium. So far, we have only set up mail. WhatsApp doesn’t work at all.

73 de Oleg Stribny, Head of the geophysical Research Groupof the North Pole – 41st Expedition

Info about Research vessel SEVERNIY POLUS (North Pole)

The Polar Ship SEVERNIY POLUS has been  built in 2022. Vessel Type: Research Vessel Ice-resistant self-propelled platform “North Pole”. Owner: Russian Federation Operator: FGBU “AARI” (Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute). The vessel sails under the Russian flag. IMO: 9884198,  MMSI: 273295970 Call sign: UBQW2

Last position of the vessel: 82.2387 North, 153.426 East, received on 2022-10-16 at 12:16 UTC). It follows at a speed of 0.2 knots.


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